Massage Courses for Primary Schools

The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) was first introduced into UK schools in 2001. It is a programme of positive touch and clothed peer massage for children aged 4 – 12 years and their parents. It is used in schools, child centred organisations and the home to improve children’s wellbeing.

A number of studies have been done in the UK using different methodologies. The outcomes from the studies show that the main benefits of the MISP are:

  • Improved calmness and concentration
  • A reduction in aggressive behaviour and bullying
  • A more positive attitude and greater engagement with learning
  • Increased self confidence and self esteem
  • Improved social skills with a greater number of relationships/friendships with peers and adults
  • Children feel happier and more relaxed
  • Improved ability to work in groups and independently
  • Greater creativity and problem solving
  • Increased awareness of the body and signs of stress and anxiety

As well as the MISP program I also teach ‘relax and reconnect’ for Primary Schools, and parents of school aged children. Relax and reconnect incorporates songs, stories and rhymes which run alongside the massage strokes.

Both programs are suitable for children from Nursery up to Year 6. I run staff inset training, in class demonstrations or parent workshops.

To book MISP or to find out more about how MISP can work in your setting (Nursery, Primary or directly with families).

Please contact me to discuss the many options available.

Testimonials from children, parents and carers in my recent classes:

‘I feel very proud learning this new skill. It is so relaxing and everyone is calmer.’


‘I love being massaged it is awesome, also I think it helps people in my class be calmer. ‘


‘I like the music and the massage. I also like teaching other children. I would like to do massage when I grow up.’


‘I like being massaged and feeling relaxed. I would like to teach other children.’


Nadia has learnt a lot from the massage. She is brilliant at it and she enjoys practising it at home.’

Mrs Mansouri

‘My child has loved doing massage in school.’

Mrs Low

‘I am calmer and my peers are kinder.’


‘Munveen is more responsible and takes care of me with a massage when I am in pain.’

Mrs Khan

‘James has practiced many times on us, he is very good. Everytime he learns a new technique he tells us and shows us.’

Mrs Leggitt

‘I like the fact that we can trust each other to massage and it is fun to learn.’


‘I like doing the massage everyday. It is relaxing.’


Thank you to all the families who allowed me to use their photograph and testimonial.

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